Technical Details


Alloy: EN AW 6060 UNI-EN 573-3 (other alloys optional)
Panel: External & internal coil-coated aluminium skin, available in complete Ral and Wood colors
External skin : Coil-coated aluminium based on regulation Qualanod and Quallcoat (other base metals and coatings available on request)
Internal skin : Coil-coated aluminium with protective coating 0.5 mm thick
Core : Aluminium and insulating panels
Edge extrusion: Extruded aluminium, mitred and crimped to seal each panel; fixing recess integrated in panel
Sizes: Length: minimal on request, maximum 8500mm (longer on request).
Width: minimal 125mm, maximum 1500mm
Thickness: 2.5mm
Flatness: Extreme flat panels
Joints: 10mm
Fixing method: Dogall has a unique and patented method of installation
Wall bracket : Type 100 (100 mm insulation thickness), Type 150 (150 mm insulation thickness) and Type 200 (200 mm insulation thickness); Slotted holes provide +/- 25 mm depth and +/- 10 mm horizontal adjustment
Support Rail : Extruded aluminium profile for maximum rigidity (where required). Standard length 7,200 mm. The rail acts as a vertical drainage channel
Fixing plates : Fully adjustable in vertical direction with integrated anti-vibration gaskets

The Dogall  Ventilated Façade Systems combine several manufacturing processes that together result in optimum quality control and maximum flexibility. COSTRUTTIVO selezione 213A1A232A